Idées déco personnalisées pour la chambre d'un nouveau bébé

Personalized decor ideas for a new baby's room

The arrival of a new baby is a magical moment, and creating a welcoming space for this little treasure is an important step for new parents. At River Oak Studio, I offer personalized decorating ideas for your nursery, unique creations that will capture the beauty of this precious moment.

My birth month flower prints will bring a touch of delicate nature to this space. Elegantly designed, they bring deep meaning by representing the flower associated with your baby's month of birth. These posters provide a poetic connection between your child and the beauty of nature, adding a calming atmosphere to their room.


aurora borealis star map with text born under a lucky star

Imagine a room that tells your baby's unique story from the first days. Personalized star maps are much more than just wall decoration. They represent the constellations at the exact moment of your child's birth. This unique representation of the night sky will be a gentle invitation to dream and let yourself be lulled by the magic of the night.

At River Oak Studio, each creation is made with care and love, to bring a touch of magic and tenderness to your newborn's room. Give him a space where the stars shine especially for him and where the flowers evoke the sweetness and beauty of this world. Together, let's create a cozy nest, a cocoon filled with love and precious memories.

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